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About Raoul Rabet Production

Raul Rabet productions is a full-service event management firm

We target to bring a fresh and unique approach to your events. Our collective goal is to thoroughly so-create your event, bringing your vision to life.
We believe in; together it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Our style of corporate event production means creative and innovative leadership, on-budget and on-time delivery, and peace of mind.
We provide year-round events across 4 main industry sectors:




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Sports Production

Working with the major sports brands and sports sponsors, we not only use the best directors and production crews, but we also understand the pressures put on players and ensure that we get the best of them on any given project

Film Production

We specialize in high-end dramas, documentaries, and feature films. Our strength lies in seamlessly integrating the key objectives in video content. This way we are giving the audience something they’d love to watch

Sports Management

Sport today is too much of a game to be a business; and too much of a business to be a game.” A sport is completed only with a proper team and plan. We have a team of sports-minded persons to complete your tournament.

Artist Management

We negotiate contracts and fees, find and book venues that match your career strategy, advise on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping you with career decisions and manage media relations.

More About Us

We are a leading event design, production, and management company providing year-round events across 4 main industry sectors; Music, Sports, Culture and Business. We love and put passion into our work.
With our team, we are able to work cost-effectively and put more of the budget into making your project better.
Have an exciting project in mind? We sure want to hear about it.

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